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"Inulin-Nutrimed seemed to be the most appropriate. The endocrinologist whom I know also recommended this drug. I have been taking Inulin-Nutrimed for 2 years already – 2 capsules 3 times a day – with some small intervals. I do not think about strict diets and enjoy a piece of cake on holidays..."

"One day at my visit to policlinic my doctor recommended me to take Inulin-Nutrimed. In a week I felt some changes..."


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Inulin-Nutrimed® is a natural plant preparation for treatment of diabetes mellitus.

Inulin-Nutrimed® has been produce for more then 10 years by Nutrimed company, who specializes in the manufacture of high quality plant preparations.

This completely natural plant preparation is manufactured from fresh chicory roots (Cichorium intubys) according to the Nutrimed’s patented technology; the main active substance is high molecular weight inulin.


  • reduces the blood glucose level
  • normalizes metabolism
  • prevents vascular complications

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